Uninstall Babylon on Firefox

The Babylon program is a translational program that translates words phrases and paragraphs in a short time. It usually leaves an extra toolbar in the browser that is not even removed by deleting the browser itself.

Although it has been troublesome to Uninstall Babylon on Firefox, here are some remedies that have successfully done so with a ranging 95-100% success.

The first method follows several steps:

1. Just click on the "Tool" menu of the Firefox browser

2. Then click on "Add-ons"menu item

3. Select the "Extensions Manager"window then scroll until you get the"Babylon Toolbar"extension and click on it

4. Click the "uninstall"option

5. You can now exit the Extensions Manager

6. Restart the browser

Should you want to remove the search engine from the search bar,just follow these simple steps:

1. On the left of the bar,click on the icon

2. As the drop-down menu appears click on the"Manage Search Engines"that is on the bottom

3. Make a choice on which search engine to remove then remove it by clicking on the "Remove" button

4. click on the "OK" option

The second method that would enable you Uninstall Babylon on Firefox browser involves accessing an attached link.These are the few steps to follow:

1. Just type"about:config"in the bar then ENTER and just ignore the warning that appears.

2. In the search query,type Babylon then ENTER

3. Then right click"extensions.Babylon Toolbar.first Run"

4. You then select"Toggle"

5. Select the keyword.URL that is fixed line containing Babylon on it and "Modify "it.Copy and paste this in the URL" http://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&sourceid=navclient&gfns=1&q="

6. Lastly exit the tab and restart your browser

The third method would follow the following steps:

1. Click in the address bar in Firefox and then type"about:config"

2. The warranty warning pops up and you should just ignore it

3. Type "Babylon" in the next screen that is in the Filter window,a search in the configurations.

4. At this stage, there should be 5-6 places where Babylon appears

5. Highlight the entries each at a time reset by right clicking then selecting" reset"

6. When all is done ,close the file

The Fourth method proceeds as follows:

1. Remove the toolbar by selecting the toolbar drop down menu,then deactivate it

2. At this juncture, the file cannot be seen but is still in the background

3. From the Tools menu,select "Add-ons"then extensions and remove the Babylon where in the IE should be a menu to manage add-ons,but will still infest the computer

4. Choose the "manage search engines" to confirm the termination of the Babylon

6. From the Firefox,go to the Tools

7. Click on the options then choose the Home Page.The Home Page in the IE can be accessed through the little house symbol.The other default Firefox start page is http://en-us.start3.mozilla.com/firefox?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official

8. Visit the System Tray and check the programs and the software installations then remove the Babylon

9. Clean the recycle bin

The fifth method is adopted from the eHow.com site and involves:

1. Type about;config in the URL bar and press enter twice(unlike the first instruction) then assume the warning message

2. go to the filter area and type Babylon and press enter.Entries associated with the search engine will appear

3. FF all entries attached to Babylon including its URL and then change to your preferred search engine that do not contain the name Babylon

4. Reset all entries by right clicking on entry

5. Close the FF then reopen it and it will be gone

Another easy way to end the frustrations is to uninstall Babylon on Firefox by following these simple steps:

1. Complete the normal uninstallation by going to the control panel then add/remove programs

2. Go to the start click on Run then choose Reg edit

3. From the left panel go to the top of the list

4. Press the F3 and then search for the word Babylon

5. When the Reg edit finds the first one,press DELETE

6. Repeat the process until the message"Reg edit did not find….."

7. Then click on the tools(the wrench icon in the right corner)then go to options.From the start up page,change from the http://search.Babylon.com to http://www.google.com

8. A pull down tab that displays"Default Search" that was set to "Babylon search". Just pull down the tab to pick the preferred search engine

9. Remember to go back to your browser and reset your home page since it had been change to the notorious http://search.babylon.com

Another approach would be:

1. Start up the page

2. Click on the control panel

3. Choose on the Add/remove

4. Search for the Babylon

5. Go to the Fire Fox folder and delete from inside the folder.Do this by choosing the plug ins.select the search plugins then delete Babylon.Follow these steps:

6. Go to start

7. Select my computer

8. Select the C drive(main drive)

9. From there select Mozilla Firefox

10. Select the Folder then plugins and delete only Babylon

11. Proceed to the Folder ,search Plugins then Delete Only Babylon

12. If launching the Firefox brings you back to the babylon,go to your"Favorite"or homepage

13. Go to the Firefox

14. From there select options

15. Choose on General and click use the current browser

16. Apply the settings

17. Save the settings and Exit tools

18. Double check and uninstall the Add-ons in the Firefox

19. Switch off the system restore and perform the following:

Repeat steps 1-4.Turn back on the system restore